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According to a recent International Energy Agency (IEA) study titled “Empowering Cities for Net Zero Energy Future,”HVAC Systems consume 30%-60% of the total electrical energy consumed by most Commercial and Industrial Buildings. This includes retail, offices, hotels, healthcare, educational buildings etc. Reducing ‘Energy Consumption’ to get close to Net Zero Goals will require HVAC Systems to be operated in a ‘Smart’ manner. IoT-based systems have the potential to reduce not only carbon emissions but also ‘COSTS’ associated with energy consumption.

Watch this webinar to learn what is stopping HVAC from realizing its real potential and how IoT can be used to overcome these challenges and improve its performance.

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Organized by Zenatix

26th August, 2021

Discover in this Webinar

Reduce your business premises energy bills and environmental impact by using digital tools and sensors

Add ‘Smart Sensors, Edge Controllers and Communication’ to your existing or new, big or small, air-conditioning systems with minimum cost and derive REAL benefit

Participate in smartly reducing ‘Peak Energy Demand’ that leads to ‘Load Shedding’ or building new coal-based power plants to meet the peak energy demand.

Use of ‘Wireless’ sensors where beneficial and setting up of small useful systems based on strategic requirements

About the Speaker


Technical advisor ( HVAC & controls)

Prabhat is an HVAC expert with over 40+ years of experience in the HVAC industry including design, project execution and commissioning of HVAC systems and associated control systems. He has done B.Tech(Hons) from IIT Kharagpur and CCN 1&2 from Carrier Bynum Institute, USA. He is a visiting faculty at ISHRAE Institute of Excellence, Delhi.