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Zenatix is a part of Hero Electronix – the $11 billion Hero Group’s venture in the technology space, changing the automation industry with our home-grown, scalable and leading technology businesses out of India. We aim to digitally transform both small and large buildings with our cost-effective and retrofit ready IoT solutions.

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Connect your physical infrastructure with our IOT solutions

Our State-of-the-art automation solution, ZenConnect helps to connect the physical assets over the internet, collects real-time data to gain centralized visibility, and administers intelligent controls, thereby delivering 10%-20% energy efficiency, improved temperature compliance, and data-driven predictive insights for assets.


Energy Savings


Reduced Asset Breakdowns


Higher Compliances

For stores and small buildings

Small buildings and stores such as retail outlets, multiplexes, co-working spaces, cold chains, etc. are distributed geographically. These structures face inconsistency in operations leading to high energy costs.

Building management systems (BMS) were not designed for such structures. They are not cost-effective as well. ZenConnect is a hardware light and software intelligent IoT solution that is custom-made for such structures. It drives automation, energy savings and provides a faster ROI in 12-24 months.

For large buildings

These structures typically deploy traditional BMS to automate and streamline operations. Traditional BMS is not an intuitive system. It captures a lot of data but lacks in providing any actionable insight. The upfront cost is huge, and ROI periods are long (3+ years). Zenatix offers IoT first automation solutions (IoT-based BMS) addressing these gaps. It delivers value by providing intelligent monitoring, control, improved energy efficiency, and operational compliances.

A robust and scalable IoT first solution.

Why Zenatix?

Zenatix offers a robust and scalable full-stack IoT first solution. The solution consists of intelligent edge hardware, an AI-powered cloud platform, and easy-to-use user dashboards. The solution is based on wireless mesh technology, making it easier to deploy and maintain.

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