Reduce your electricity cost by 15-20%, improve temperature compliance and manage your assets remotely using ZenConnect

ZenConnect is a full-stack IoT-based solution for Cold Chains and Warehouses that helps in curbing energy losses, maintaining higher operational efficiency and compliance. It enables remote asset management through a centralized platform.

Use Cases

Energy consumption optimization

Centralized monitoring and intelligent controls for optimizing energy consumption

Asset Management

Cloud-connected platform for central asset management

Temperature Compliance

Temperature and humidity compliance for stored items


Real time monitoring of critical safety parameters

Automated Ticketing Workflows

Data-driven ticketing workflows for fault detection and diagnosis

Seamless Integrations

Integration with emergency alarm systems to ensure product safety


10%-20% reduction in energy expenses

20%-25% reduction in equipment breakdown

25%-30% improvement in ambient temperature compliance

2%-3% reduction in spoilage of perishable items

AI/ML based Fault detection to avoid asset downtime and increase their lifetime

Centralized Dashboard for monitoring and control across geographically distributed centers