Reduce your electricity cost by 10-20% and ensure the comfort of your guests using ZenConnect

ZenConnect is an enterprise IoT solution for Hotels that helps in maintaining higher operational efficiency, equipment uptime and ensures the health and safety of the equipment. It also enables remote asset management through a centralized cloud platform.

Use Cases

HVAC Controls

Optimizing low side & high side of HVAC systems

Energy Management

Centralized monitoring and intelligent controls

Comfort and Compliance

AQI , Temperature and humidity compliance (for ambient conditions and perishable items storage)

Predictive Maintenance

AI/ML-based Fault Detection and Diagnosis

Business Metric Reporting

Reporting of Energy per occupied room, Energy per available room etc.

Asset Management

Centralized platform for asset management

Digital Ticketing System

Automated ticketing system for issue closures

Electrical health and safety

Data-driven anomaly detection for critical safety parameters


10%-20% reduction in energy expenses

20%-25% reduction in equipment breakdown

25%-30% improvement in guest comfort

Dynamic control of assets based on varying occupancy rates

Predictive maintenance to avoid asset downtime and increase lifetime

Centralized Dashboard for monitoring and control across geographically distributed centers

Case Studies


Leading Indian hotel operator reduced up to 20% of energy expense and gained central visibility into all asset operation using ZenConnect.

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On-demand Webinars

IoT Powered Energy & Asset Management in Hotels

Hotelivate and Zenatix jointly organized a webinar on “IoT Powered Energy & Asset Management in Hotels”.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Challenges faced by hoteliers
  • How IoT is disrupting the traditional BMS?
  • IoT use cases in Hotels
  • A case study on how a large hotel owner is leveraging IoT

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IoT based BMS for Energy Efficiency in Hotels

Watch the Technical Workshop hosted by the Delhi chapter of ISHRAE on “IOT BASED BMS FOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN HOTELS”.

In this on-demand workshop, you’ll learn:

  • IoT based BMS in Hotels
  • Case study on energy efficiency in Hotels
  • Values delivered by IoT based BMS
  • Incremental journey in digitization for system integrators

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How IoT can ensure Energy Efficiency in Hotels?

From occupancy comfort to improved facility management, integrating IoT in hospitality can provide the level of customer pleasure required to remain competitive while simultaneously helping to cut down on energy expenses. Hence, it becomes even more necessary for hoteliers to consider implementing an energy-management system to reduce these expenses.

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How a leading hotel chain benefitted from an IoT-based energy & asset management solution

Maintaining guest comfort, food safety compliances, asset health, and electrical safety are paramount for any successful hotelier. By deploying the right building management solution that includes complete building visibility, analytics-driven insights and IoT integrations, a leading hotel owner is able to maximize their energy & operational efficiencies along with a seamless asset management.

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