Reduce your electricity cost by 10-20% and avoid asset downtime using ZenConnect

ZenConnect is an enterprise IoT solution for Data Centers & IT Infrastructures that helps in maintaining higher operational efficiency by reducing equipment downtime and reporting any abnormalities at the earliest. It also monitors the temperature and humidity inside Data Centers and enables remote asset management through a centralized cloud platform.

Use Cases

Energy Management

Centralized monitoring and intelligent controls

Safety and risk management

Data-driven anomaly detection for critical safety parameters

Centralized monitoring

Web-based dashboards for real-time monitoring of distributed assets

Predictive Maintenance and FDD

Predictive alerts to ensure higher equipment uptime

Automated Alerts

Automated alerts in case of any anomaly identification

Digital Ticketing System

Automated ticketing system for issue closures


25%-30% improvement in temperature compliance

10%-20% reduction in energy cost

20%-25% reduction in equipment breakdown

AI enabled platform for predictive maintenance to avoid asset downtime and increase lifetime

Centralized Dashboard for monitoring and control across geographically distributed centers

Automated alerts in case of any hazard or abnormality identification