Sustainable development- critical for today

Sustainable development targets to meet the needs of the development of products, goods and services at present without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is our joint social responsibility to operate in a sustainable manner to ensure the survival of our future generations.

Today, sustainable development is more important than ever before. The Covid-19 pandemic has alerted the entire generation to utilize resources judiciously to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances in the future. All industries, including the hotel industry, must actively participate and contribute to the improvement of the environment.

Hotels need to be updated to Eco-friendly hotels!

The hotel industry is an essential component of tourism in the world. Having a major portion of market share, the hotels deserve to be updated to eco-friendly hotels. Hoteliers across the world are investing in making improvements to their hotel’s infrastructure; however, there is an alarming situation that is forcing everyone to consider variables such as sustainability, conservation of resources and environment friendliness. According to Booking’s Sustainability Report 2021, 73% of travelers are more likely to choose a hotel that practices sustainability. ‘Going Green’ has also become an effective marketing strategy to build goodwill by showcasing fulfillment of social responsibility.

IoT based solution to ensure sustainability in hotels

Adoption of IoT-based automation systems can be an ideal solution for hotels to turn into eco-friendly hotels. IoT-based automation enables multiple physical devices to digitally connect with each other via wireless sensors and actuators, enabling monitoring of power usage. It is impossible to assure efficiency without consistent monitoring. It enables analysis of data using AI/ML algorithms through a centralized cloud platform, allowing the facility manager to ensure sustainability by taking appropriate actions based on their motive to operate efficiently and minimize their carbon footprint.

IoT-driven sustainable development in Hotels!

Sustainability in hotels

1. Providing breathable air to guests & Reducing Carbon emission

AQI is being degraded each day around us. Air pollution is hard to escape, it is all around us. The health effects of air pollution are serious – one-third of deaths from stroke, lung cancer and heart disease are due to air pollution.

Hotels need to provide breathable air to their guests. Zenconnect helps to monitor air quality using wireless sensors and displays statistics at the Zenconnect dashboard. This allows Hotels to control their air purifiers to maintain a healthy atmosphere. Another major air pollutant is the electronic devices that emit carbon emissions while consuming power. Zenconnect also enables monitoring of the electronic assets to utilize them efficiently and control the power used to operate. It also keeps a check on the health of assets so that they are working as per their potential and are not generating any excess heat or emitting excess carbon emission. Another benefit of Zenconnect is that it enables predictive maintenance allowing repair of assets even if there is a slight malfunctioning shown by the statistics. Turning hotels into eco-friendly spaces can be the newest USP for these hotels.

2. Save today, survive tomorrow!

Hotels are one of the most energy-intensive building typologies. Energy costs can be a significant part of a hotel’s operating budget ranging from 15-35 percent, depending on the size and the class of the hotel. An energy-efficient system will enable sustainable development in the hotel industry which would save energy consumption and benefit the ecosystem and reduce their energy expenditure.

Hotels have massive HVAC systems which include air conditioners, refrigerators, chillers, etc which consume high power and generate heat into the atmosphere. Monitoring of operating cycles of such appliances can enable hotels to consume only the amount of energy that is genuinely required and avoid any kind of wastage. Constant visibility of energy consumption would allow the hotels to keep a check on their usage levels. The operating cycles of such appliances can be controlled through schedule-based or sensor-based methods.

Energy Guzzler is an activity that is gaining popularity and enabling users to control their energy consumption and promote sustainable development. Zenconnect enables hotels to take active participation in the same.

3. Water is life, we can’t afford to waste it!

Another natural resource that is majorly consumed by hotels is Water. Hotels strive to make guests feel important, and unlimited access to water is considered a staple. With a great amount of consumption, comes great responsibility to save it. Water is required in almost every dimension of a hotel- washrooms in rooms and lobby areas, swimming pools, kitchens, laundry rooms; also, for cleaning and gardening purposes.

Based on sensors and actuators, Zenconnect helps to monitor water pumped and consumed by the hotel. It can showcase consumption in each area of the hotel. Such regular statistics about consumption will allow hotels to limit wastage. Using automated control, the supply can also be set as per the actual requirement. This would also make the facility manager deal with any kind of maintenance requirements in case of excess consumption due to any leak or breakage.

4. Reduce food wastage

Hotels expect guests from around the world at any time of the day. Among all other luxuries, the hotels need to provide their guests with food of desired cuisines at the desired time. In order to fulfill this demand of customers, hotels need to maintain the best quality of perishable foods at all times. This requires them to operate their cold rooms and chillers around the clock at a certain temperature otherwise the stored food would decay faster.

To reduce wastage of food and control the power consumption of chillers and cold rooms, Zenconnect can act as a perfect solution. It would enable sensors to monitor the temperature inside food storage and maintain the same at the desired level. It would also calculate the amount of power required based on the trend to operate the storage rooms and would limit the consumption to the same. Limiting food wastage to a minimum will act as an act of enabling sustainability will be appreciated by all.

‘Getting the feeling of performing your social responsibility along with reducing your consumption and expenditure’- Two advantages the hotel Industry cannot afford to avoid.

The hotel industry is ready for sustainable development. IoT and automation have developed a solution for not only upgrading but also growing sustainably. Eco-friendly hotels are the immediate need of the present and an amazing innovation for traditional hotel infrastructures. What’s stopping you from turning your traditional hotel into an eco-friendly one?