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Climate change is no longer merely a theoretical concept taught in schools & universities. It’s real, and it’s here. Both governments and businesses are pushing themselves to achieve their sustainability & net-zero goals.

While the COP26 in Glasgow made significant progress in elevating international aspirations and moving the major provisions of the Paris Agreement forward, significant gaps remain. National emission-reduction pledges for 2030 and 2050 fall far short of the 1.5°C targets, and many nations & businesses lack the necessary proof of delivery.

Watch this webinar to learn about the current challenges around global climate change, sustainability & net-zero goals, building ratings & regulations as well as the emergence of new-age technological solutions such as IoT-based energy and asset management solutions to help organizations conserve energy and achieve their sustainability goals.

Organized by Zenatix

7th September, 2022

Discover in this Webinar

Challenges around climate change, Net Zero goals & Sustainability

Basics of Net Zero Buildings, Carbon FootPrints

How IoT can help organizations achieve their sustainability goals

About the Speaker


Co-founder and CTO, Zenatix Solutions

An expert in Embedded Systems, Data Acquisition/AI Algorithms and Energy Efficiency, Amarjeet is responsible for the technology and is Chief Technology Officer at Zenatix. A former IIIT Delhi Professor, Amarjeet also holds a M.S and Ph.D. from UCLA.

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